Jewish Studies Bibliographies

Source: Noah’s Multimedia Communications Network

Essential Readings in American Jewish History

Source: AJHS

This bibliography outlines some of the elemental scholarly works on the history of Jews in the Americas. The American Jewish Historical Society compiles and maintains the list. General histories are listed first, followed by reference publications and periodicals.


Source: Dinur Center and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Biblical and First Temple Period

Lachish Ostracon #3 (by K.C. Hanson)
The Mesha Stele (by K.C. Hanson)
The Byt Yhwh Ostracon (by K.C. Hanson)
Widow’s Petition Ostracon (by K. C. Hanson)
The Gezer Calendar (by K. C. Hanson)
The Yavneh-Yam (Mesad-Hashavyahu) Ostracon (by K. C. Hanson)
The Tel Dan Inscription (by K.C. Hanson)
The Siloam Inscription (by K.C. Hanson)
The Ekron Inscription (by K.C. Hanson)
Gender Studies and the Ancient Near East (Compiled by Victor H. Matthews)
Gender Studies and the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (Compiled by Victor H. Matthews)
Prophets Bibliography (by Victor H. Matthews)
Isaiah Bibliography (by Victor H. Matthews)
Jerimiah Bibliography (by Victor Matthews)
Joseph & Aseneth: On-Line Bibliography by Dr Mark Goodacre, University of Birmingham
Women in the Ancient Near East: A Select Bibliography of Recent Sources (by Terry G. Wilfong)
Divine Mediator Figures in the Biblical World (by Dr. James R. Davila)
The Law of Ancient Israel (by Bernard J. Hibbitts)
Selected Bibliography on Bible Study & Research (by Randall K. Cook)
Select Bibliography on Bible Backgrounds (by Randall K. Cook)
Food in the Ancient World (by S. Alcock)
Biblical Narratives: A Bibliography (by Gildas Hamel)

Classical and Second Temple Period

Second Temple and Talmudic Era Links to Bibliographies (Dinur Center)
Dead Sea Scrolls Bibliography, (Orion Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Judaism, Early Christianity, and Late Antiquity (Diotima – Materials for the Study of Gender and Women)
Gender Studies and the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (Compiled by Victor H. Matthews)
Gender Studies and Rabbinic and Mishnaic Judaism (Victor H. Matthews)
Flavius Josephus – Searchable Bibliography Database (Institutum Judaicum Delitzschianum)
Josephus – Bibliography and Reviews: Books and Articles (by G. J. Goldberg)
Ben Sira (by Franz Boehmisch)
Franz Boehmisch, Ben Sira Bibliographie (German)
The Theodotus Inscription (by K. C. Hanson) 
The Petition to Authorize Elephantine Temple Reconstruction (by K.C. Hanson)
Greco-Roman Studies and the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible: A Classified Periodical Bibliography (1970?1994) (by K. C. Hanson)
Rabbinic Aggadah (by Eliezer Segal)
Philo of Alexandria (by Torrey Seland)
Provisional Bibliography Philo of Alexandria 1996-97 (by The Studia Philonica Annual Studies in Hellenistic Judaism)
Jewish Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (by Dr. James R. Davila)
The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Cumulative Index of the Otpseud Bibliography by Title of Text
The Words of Gad the Seer (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Qumran (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
The Copper Scroll (3Q15) (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Sects and Sectarianism in the Second Commonwealth (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
(A very short) bibliography of Jewish Liturgy (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Ancient Mysticism: Hekhalot Literature (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Metatron (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Monsters and Fabulous Creatures in Jewish Folklore (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Jewish Magic in Antiquity (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Exorcism by Jews (by Meir Bar-Ilan – English)
Hebrew Names (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Tractate Rosh ha-Shana (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Aesop Fables in Jewish Tradition (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Social History of the Jews in Antiquity (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Jewish Women in Antiquity (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Children in Antiquity (by Meir Bar-Ilan – English)
Literacy in Antiquity (by Meir Bar-Ilan – Hebrew & English)
Ancient & Jewish Medicine (by Meir Bar-Ilan – English & few Hebrew).

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Reading List for Medieval Jewish Studies
ORB – First Steps: an Introductory Bibliography in Medieval Jewish History – Elka Klein
ORB – Medieval Jewish Women in History, Literature, Law, and Art:
An Annotated Bibliography – Cheryl Tallan
ORB – Jewish Life and Philosophy on the Continent before 1215:
A Bibliography – Sharan Newman
ORB – Medieval Judaism Jews in Medieval England: A Bibliography – Christoph Cluse
Bibliography on Medieval Jewish Philosophy (by Eliezer Segal)
Bibliography for Research in Medieval Rabbinic Judaism (by Eliezer Segal)
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Online Bibliography on Antisemitism (Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, Hebrew University)
Bibliography of Contemporary Jewry, username:aleph (Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University)
Demonization of the Jew and the Jew as “Other”
Jews in the Civil War – Bibliography
Research Resources for Jewish-American History and Anthropology – Annotated Bibliography
Essential Readings in American Jewish History
Zionism and The Development Of Israel
Zionism and the Birth of Israel – The Founders
Zionistic Movements
Medieval Oppression
Antisemitism Today (Including Dealing with Hate Groups)
Studies in Zionism / Journal of Israeli History Bibliography (Online Searchable Database)
Judaism and Christianity
Judaism, Freemasonry and other rumors
Bibliography of the History of Polish Jewry (Online Searchable Database by Stephen D. Corrsin)
Canadian Jewish History


What Led to The Holocaust
Women and the Holocaust
Women and the Holocaust: A Suggested Bibliography
Holocaust Denial
The “Jewish Question” in German-Speaking Countries, 1848-1914
American Labor Movement and the Holocaust


Bibliography for Religious Studies (by Eliezer Segal)
Rabbinic Judaism – Bibliography for Research (by Eliezer Segal)
Halakhah – Bibliographical Guide (by Eliezer Segal)
Selected Bibliography on Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism (by Eliezer Segal)
Bibliography of Jewish Women’s Resources
Women and Judaism (General Reading List)
The Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1473-1960
Studies in Jewish Prayer (by Tzvee Zahavy)
Jewish Magic Online Bibliography
The Year of the Jubilee (by Byung Ha Kim)

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