Hebrew University: Homeless Holocaust Survivor Leaves $100,000 Donation to Israeli University

Homeless Holocaust Survivor Leaves $100,000 Donation to Israeli University

Source: AP, 8-9-09

Hebrew University has received a surprise donation of more than $100,000 from an unexpected benefactor — a woman who survived the Nazi Holocaust and appeared to be destitute, a university official said Sunday.

Upon her death two years ago, a homeless Holocaust survivor living on the streets of New York City willed the gift to the university. The Jewish woman lived out of a shopping cart in Manhattan and had no known relatives, said Yefet Ozery, Hebrew University’s director of development and public relations.

The university first learned about the gift three months ago but did not receive the money until this week. It will be used to fund scholarships for medical research students, according to the woman’s wishes, Ozery said, refusing to disclose her name. The story was first reported by The Jerusalem Post daily.

Hebrew University of Jersualem Appologizes for Calling $100,000 Donor ‘Homeless’

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education 8-14-09

Hebrew University of Jersualem has apologized for saying that a donor who bequeathed it more than $100,000 was a homeless woman in New York, the Daily News reports. Rather, Ida Fischer was an Austrian Jewish refugee who fled Vienna with her mother in 1938 after the Nazis killed her father.

Newspapers around the world had initially quoted a Hebrew University spokesman as saying that the late donor had lived out of a shopping cart in Manhattan. In its article last week, The Jerusalem Post helpfully showed what a homeless person might look like, had the donor actually been homeless.