JBuzz News February 6, 2013: Ira Sheskin: University of Miami’s Judaic Studies Center announces the revival of the ‘American Jewish Year Book’




UM’s Judaic Studies Center announces the revival of the ‘American Jewish Year Book’

Publication returns after 4-year hiatus

Source: Eureka Alert, 2-6-13

IMAGE: This is the cover of the 2012 edition of the “American Jewish Year Book. ”

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The University of Miami Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies and the George Feldenkreis Program in Judaic Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences announce the return to print of The American Jewish Year Book: The ‘Official’ Record of the North American Jewish Communities.

After a four year hiatus, the newly released American Jewish Year Book (AJYB) contains important findings about the Jewish population in the United States. Despite concerns about the decline of the Jewish community’s numbers, figures in the AJYB’s chapter indicate that the numbers remain stable at approximately 6.5 million, according to Dr. Ira Sheskin, UM professor and co-editor of the AJYB. This is important in view of the continuing debate over which community, Israel or the United States – has the world’s largest Jewish community. The other very important finding is the growth of the number of Jews, 500,000, who identify themselves as secular members of a community rather than as Jews by religion….READ MORE

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