JBuzz News July 18, 2012: Golda Och Academy Adds Choice to Revamped Judaic Studies Department




Golda Och adds choice to Judaic studies dept.

Day school revamps curriculum to reflect trend for flexibility

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Flora Yavelberg, Judaic studies chair at Golda Och Academy, said the day school’s new curriculum aims to increase the flexibility while maintaining rigorous text study.

A core curriculum, two Judaic studies courses per semester, a competency exam, and an independent senior project: It sounds like a college admissions pitch.

But for high school students at Golda Och Academy in West Orange, a beneficiary agency of Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ, it’s a brand-new program set to begin in the fall. In a total revamping of the day school’s Judaic studies curriculum, students will be able to take more electives in Tanach (Bible) and Jewish thought and tradition after taking core courses during their freshman year (see sidebar).

School administrators say the revised curriculum has been developed solely for GOA by faculty and administrators, but also with various outside influences….READ MORE

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