JBuzz News February 23, 2012: Senator Carl Levin praises Eastern Michigan University for new Jewish Studies Minor program, speaks about Jewish-American experience




Senator Carl Levin praises EMU for new program, speaks about Jewish- American experience

Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich) spoke at the kick-off for Eastern Michigan University’s new Jewish Studies minor program and discussed various aspects of the Jewish-American experience.

“The Jewish experience very much begins with the immigrant experience,” Levin explained to a crowd of about 175 individuals from the EMU and local communities. “There are plenty of examples of anti-semitism, but for the most part, Jewish immigrants were able to overcome that and leave hatred behind.”


Anmar Alnimar / THE EASTERN ECHO

Levin shared his own family history, telling stories of his grandparents who came to America poor and built successful businesses.

Levin also talked about other important issues within the Jewish community; among these were a sense of community, support for Israel and a commitment to education. He put particular emphasis on the pursuit of social justice and patriotism.

“People should be treated fairly, particularly as it relates to people who are poor and people who have been left behind,” Levin said….READ MORE

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