Paul Bartop: Prestigious US posting for Holocaust scholar




Paul Bartrop

AN Australian Holocaust and genocide scholar has been awarded a prestigious professorship in the United States.

Professor Paul Bartrop, a former head of history at Melbourne’s Bialik College, will take up his post next month as the first Australian to hold the Ida E King Distinguished Visiting Pro fessorship in Holocaust and Genocide studies at Richard Stockton College in New Jersey.

Previous scholars who have held the post include Michael Berenbaum, Yehuda Bauer and the late Franklin H Littell.

Prof Bartrop will teach a master’s program on Asian and African genocides, focusing on Cambodia, Timor Leste, Rwanda and Darfur.

“Stockton is the first university in the US to run a full graduate course in Holocaust and genocide studies,” Prof  Bartrop told The AJN.

As one of the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the US, it is significant that Stockton has such an extensive Holocaust and genocide studies curriculum, he said.

Prof Bartrop, who has been involved with the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre (JHC) since its inception in 1985, is an honorary consultant to the centre and helped rewrire the text used in its recently relaunched museum display….READ MORE

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