Professor Raphael Loewe: Scholar of Jewish Studies Dies at 92



Professor Raphael Loewe, who died on May 27 aged 92, was an influential scholar of Jewish studies and a poet, as well as a translator of medieval Hebrew verse.

Source: Telegraph UK, 6-26-11

Professor Raphael Loewe

Professor Raphael Loewe Photo: DONALD VERRY

As such he was the fourth generation of his family to devote his life to Jewish scholarship and teaching. His great-grandfather, Louis Loewe (1809-80), was amanuensis and confidant to Sir Moses Montefiore during missions to support Jews in Damascus, Jassy (Romania) and Jerusalem, and translated Hebrew texts into English.

James Loewe, his grandfather, also translated Rabbinic texts and, as banker to the nascent Zionist movement, provided a London home for Theodor Herzl (who described him as “a better judge of a cigar than a Zionist”). Raphael’s father, Herbert Loewe (1882-1940), Reader in Rabbinics at Cambridge, edited A Rabbinic Anthology with Claude Montefiore and published on the history of Jews in medieval England….READ MORE

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