Jan Gross and Irena Grudzinska-Gross: Poles ready to face dark past of profiting off Jews

Source: Deutsche Presse-Agentur, 3-9-11

Poles are ready to face their dark history of profiting off Jews during World War II, according to the author of a book on Poles who sought financial gain amid the suffering of the Holocaust.

‘Golden Harvest,’ by historian Jan Gross and Irena Grudzinska- Gross, narrates how some Poles living near death camps like Treblinka dug through mass Jewish graves after the war in search of gold and other valuables that the Nazis might have missed.

The book is likely to touch a nerve in Poland and stir controversy in the nation that prides itself for having aided Jews during the Nazi occupation.

But Gross says his new book, to be released in Polish on Thursday and in English in October, will prove less controversial than his previous works on the topic.

Poles are now ready to face their dark past because enough time has passed to look back honestly at history, Gross said, and because more has now been written on the topic.

‘I hope this time we’ll be in a different point of the discussion,’ Gross told German Press Agency dpa. ‘Years have passed and now there has been a lot of writing on this subject. It’s a different state. I think the public is much more receptive to it, and my voice is not a lonely voice.’…READ MORE

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