Shmuel Yosef Agnon: Online Course Analyzes Stories Jewish studies program brings Nobel laureate’s teachings outside of Israel, for first time via internet

Source: Ynet News, 1-31-11, the first fully-interactive online Jewish studies program, announced recently a new course entitled “Midrash Agnon” that analyzes Nobel laureate Shmuel Yosef Agnon’s short stories in English.

The course will be broadcast live from Agnon’s Jerusalem house, bringing the teachings of S.Y. Agnon’s works outside of Israel, for the first time via the internet.

“Midrash Agnon” will be given live by Rabbi Jeffrey Saks, founding director of the Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions (ATID), parent organization of, at the Agnon House in Talpiot, Jerusalem.

The five-part series begins Sunday, February 6, and can be joined live in Jerusalem or via the simultaneous online broadcast at The course will focus on analyzing Agnon’s short stories from a literary perspective while unraveling the undertones of classical Jewish sources present in his writings.

In addition, the class will discuss many theological, cultural and spiritual questions of that time including the viability of Judaism in the Diaspora, the continuity of tradition in the face of modernity, and the meaning of the return to the Land of Israel….READ MORE

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