Sanford Gutman: History Professor to Retire

History Professor Sanford Gutman to Retire

History Professor Sanford Gutman to RetireSource: SUNY Cortland, 5-20-09

Sanford Gutman of Ithaca, N.Y., who has served on the SUNY Cortland faculty for 37 years, will retire on Aug. 31. He has earned the designation of professor emeritus of history.

Gutman, who grew up in Detroit, Mich., focused on history as an undergraduate at Wayne State University and earned his master of arts and doctoral degrees at the University of Michigan, specializing in modern European history.

He joined SUNY Cortland’s History Department in 1972 as an instructor after teaching for two years at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Gutman was promoted to assistant professor in 1976, associate professor in 1982 and professor in 1988. He also has been a visiting professor of modern Jewish history at Cornell University, Ithaca College and Syracuse University.

For much of his first 15 years at Cortland, Gutman taught European and French history and helped prepare secondary social studies teachers in the History Department’s Professional Semester. An invitation from his department chair in 1979 to teach a course in Modern Jewish History led to his growing interest in that subject and the decision to add to his teaching repertoire that course and related ones on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Holocaust. To that end, in 1986 Gutman attended the Yad Vashem Summer Institute on Teaching the Holocaust and in 1991 was an invited seminar participant in the University Teaching of Anti-Semitism at Hebrew University in Jerusalem…..

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